Marea Hannah

Clairvoyant and Medium

Professional Member
Australian Psychics Assoc.

Propfessional Member
International Psychics Assoc.

Marea Hannah is situated in the
Illawarra District of NSW, Australia.

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Psychic Development

Spirit & Ghost


"There are more things

in heaven and earth,

Horatio, than are dreamt of

in your philosophy.“

    ...William Shakespeare


Marea Hannah provides

complimentary Natal & Transition

Charts to all her clients.

Know where the planets

were at your birth and

how your Sun & Moon signs,

with your Ascendent, affects

your life.

Elemental Mix

What Elemental Mix Are You?

What elements are your Sun,

Moon & Ascendant? Fire,

Water, Air or Earth? Is

there a repeat of elements?

Are any or all the same?

What element/s are your hands?

Your hands' element/s are the

medium through which your

Astrological elements

express themselves.

Knowing your elemental mix

helps you know yourself.

Marea Hannah will reveal

your elemental mix and

explain how they work

together to create you.