Marea Hannah

Clairvoyant and Medium

Professional Member
Australian Psychics Assoc.

Propfessional Member
International Psychics Assoc.

Marea Hannah is situated in the
Illawarra District of NSW, Australia.



Tarot Cards are symbolic images that provide information about the Questioner, his/her past, present and future. They indicate the pros and cons of a situation and advise an appropriate course of action.

Every Reading is unique. Tarot Cards don't make false promises or gloss over situations. They tell things as they are and sometimes you must be prepared to accept change. As always good flow of information between the Reader and Questioner is paramount to a good Tarot Reading.

   Interview Prices


   One Person

   30 minute Reading:


   One Person

   60 minute Reading:



   Two People Sharing one 30 minute

   Time Slot - $35.00 each

   Two People Sharing one 60 minute

   Time Slot - $65.00 each

   Three to Four People Sharing one

   75 minute Time Slot - $50.00 each

   Five to Nine People Sharing one

   90 minute Time Slot - $40.00 each

   Ten or more People Sharing two

   hour Time Slot - $25.00 each



Discover the mystery held in your palm.
Your Palm can predict life events & indicate possible illnesses.



Communication with spirits can be facts or references. It can relay as pictures or be symbolic. It's about the desire of the spirit to make you aware they are around, interested & concerned. They wish to validate their continued love.

A free flow of information is important. If you withhold information the Medium may close that line of communication. When you visit a Medium go with a generous heart.